Anti Static Workbench Manufacturer

A maker of anti-static workbenches specializes in creating workbenches that are intended to reduce the dangers of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in delicate electronic assembly and repair environments. These specialty workbenches are made of materials and have design elements that stop static electricity from building up and discharging, which can harm electronic components. These workbenches are typically constructed from conductive or anti-static materials, including ESD laminate, and may have grounding devices to dissipate static charges.

To meet the particular requirements of electronics production, laboratories, cleanrooms, and other areas where ESD management is crucial, they frequently offer adjustable height options, varied sizes, and configurations. R.K. Steel Smith is a well-known ESD work bench Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India. We offer ESD chairs, tables, floors, stools, and other products in addition to our Anti Static workstations, giving our customers total ESD solutions.

Features of Anti Static Workbench

  • ESD Safe Materials
  • Grounding Connections
  • Static Control Accessories
  • Height Adjustability
  • Mobility Options